Membership Benefits


  • Members enjoy the satisfaction and recognition that they are making a difference, and/or have been recognized as a person of value by a Golden Clubs member. 
  • When you share a gift for someone, you are automatically enrolled as a member of The Golden Clubs.  Encourage your recipient(s) to come to this site, receive the full meaning, register as new members, and participate as an active member. 
  • Members will be updated on new products and program benefits as they evolve. 
  • Our goal is to continually expand the Corporate Partners that recognize The Golden Club coin holders/members as a force for good, that provide values and services to members.
  • These Clubs are not about politics, religion, ethnicity, or skin color.  Everyone is welcome to perform or recognize a good deed, thank or forgive someone, listen and learn, and of course share. 
  • There are no boundaries or limitations to LIVE - LAUGH - LEARN - SHARE - THANK - FORGIVE.  All that embrace and encourage positive relationships are welcome.
  • The Golden Clubs are equal opportunity suppliers of goodwill to all, for the benefit of all, one relationship at a time.  
  • Keep it simple.  Start with someone near you, and encourage them to do the same.
  • Go out and affect someone's life in a positive way today. 
  • So easy, yet so powerful.  Enjoy the personal satisfactions of  positive change around you, and benefits for others.
  • Super Spreaders of Goodwill Unite.  Join Us!